Saturday, February 14, 2009


NEC Avenue - 1990 - Japan

Download is about as good as it gets for a cartridge-based horizontal shooter on the Turbo. It's up there with the likes of R-Type, Air Zonk, etc. Rockin' chip tunes as you blast your way through a futuristic city being overtaken by a cybernetic brain. I couldn't put it down 'til I conquered it. One of my personal favorites, and I'm a tough room when it comes to shooters. Download is the epitome of a perfect balance of fun and difficulty.

Features a unique powerup and life system you won't find in any other shooter.

Great graphics with lots of parallax are just icing on the cake. Download features some pretty bad-ass cinematic cutscenes, which is a rare thing for a non-CD game. As a matter of fact, Download's cutscenes are actually better than a good number of CD games.

Possibly more famous than the game itself however are the hilarious GAME OVER blurbs. Just when you thought it was, this review IS NOT A OVER YET.

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