Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dungeon Master Theron's Quest

TTI - USA - 1993
Super CD

What a travesty. In some ways this version is superior to the original, but in the important areas it's a complete train wreck. The good points; the graphics are very nice-- the cinemas aren't technically the greatest but they at least add a halfway interesting story to give you some motivation to continue-- and the music is alright. Now for the bad! The first and most annoying thing about this version is that you have to beat every dungeon in one sitting. That's not a big deal on the first couple, but on the last 5 if you don't have at least 2-3 hours to set aside for gaming, don't even bother playing. This wouldn't be SO bad if the game was more straight-forward and revolved mostly around fighting, but Dungeon Master is 50/50 fighting and puzzle solving. So what happens if you get stuck on some stupid pressure plate puzzle and need to take a break? Tough shit! Turn your Duo off and you have to start completely from scratch in that dungeon. No midpoint saves, no exiting the dungeons and saving, nothing.

The second thing that is ultra annoying is that you don't get to keep anything you find in the dungeons. In this sense it's almost like a rogue game in that you start from square one in each dungeon, even having to re-pick your companions from the measly amount they give you to choose from (I think it's around 7, but I can't remember exactly). It completely ruins the fun. I mean what's the point of spending an hour on a puzzle and finding that SWEET piece of armor if you're just going to lose it when you beat the dungeon?

The last thing that sucks (that I will bother listing, not the last thing that sucks about the game) is how after you find the artifact you need you have to find your way back out of the dungeon-- an example of artificial lengthening at its finest! No new puzzles or anything, just a boring trek back through places you've already been with maybe a couple monsters to harass you.

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