Thursday, February 26, 2009

TV Sports Hockey

Cinemaware / NEC

I bought TV Sports Hockey back when it was originally released, and I liked it at first. But then I got to play the Genesis' NHL Hockey, which is much more realistic and impressive. At this point, the only things I like about TVSH are the close-ups' graphics and the title-screen music. Let's cover a few of the primary problems:

- The passing game is unforgivably sloppy. You have to aim in the general direction you want to send a pass and pray that the puck goes tape to tape.

- You must abide by a ridiculous, old-fashioned "moving arrow" system when determining the direction of a shot.

- The action is very slow on the whole.

- The option to compete against another player is practically worthless, as the team with the fastest line can easily outskate the competition and create countless breakaway opportunities.

- The game simply doesn't simulate real hockey (in regards to player positioning and on-ice action) nearly as well as NHL.

Unfortunately, TVSH is the best hockey game the system has to offer. It's best to look to the Genesis for an old-school hockey sim... or simply live without one.

Teams represent different countries this time. No more "Sharks" or "Zombies."

No more long season modes, either. Just a quick tourney.

Attribute ratings are assigned to units rather than to individual players (except in the cases of goalies).

Shoot when the arrow's in the right spot, a la Blades of Steel.

The close-ups look pretty good... relatively speaking.


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