Friday, February 13, 2009

Youkai Douchuuki

This is an odd little platformer that is interesting mainly because half the fucking screen is taken up by your status bar. Literally half. It shows a little map that sort of gives you an idea of where you are in the level, but basically only by telling you how far you are away from the end since its just a crude drawing of the level. The control is decent, and it does everything ok in a 1988 sort of way, but the game as a whole is just archaic and not any fun. First of all you only get one fucking life, and that's IT, no continues or anything (at least not that I could find). You can buy stuff from an old lady in a store, but only health power ups and some status enhancers like new shoes that make you jump *slightly* higher, and other things nearly as worthless. Plus the collision detection is a little odd, it's one of those games where the edge of platforms and enemies isn't precisely defined (like donkey kong country compared to mario bros), so it can be ultimate frustrating. The boss fights are kind of cool though, your character prays at a shrine and his spirit comes out and you get to control it as it flies around and fires projectiles off, all the while your little guy is praying super hard.

Overall the game isn't exactly horrible but it's close enough that they share the same personal space. The few frustrations will over ride any fun you might possibly have; like when you have to stop at a shop (they aren't optional) and the screen takes 10 unbelievably-long seconds to change, you only get one life and no continues, and there are various extremely cheap parts that rival The Addams Family for frustration. I will say, though, it's leagues better than fucking JJ and Jeff or Impossamole, but what game isn't (besides Blodia)?

Genesis game that is better than this game rating- Wardner, by at least 7 Phantasy Star lengths.

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