Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Formation Soccer Human Cup '90


I considered the '92 episode of FSHC to be the weak link of the otherwise enjoyable Human Sports Festival, so I wasn't expecting great things when I worked my way backwards and visited its predecessor. Well, said predecessor is pretty much the same game; and while it isn't a train wreck and doesn't look terrible, it doesn't offer the greatest playability either (as the cumbersome control scheme has you press Run to switch players and select teammates to pass to), and its music is incredibly annoying and repetitive.

This is one of those games that make me wonder how people felt after actually paying full price for them back in the day, as there's very little that goes on in it. Even the most rabid of soccer fans were probably hard pressed to find much to like about the effort. Thank goodness the 16-bit era eventually delivered superior alternatives (like FIFA).

Select your team and decide on your "strategy." Choose carefully, for the Human Cup is at stake!

Scoring a goal is neither a small feat nor a common occurrence. You'll be spending most of your time involved in scrums for the ball.

Flip through television channels and view an assortment of fascinating programs during halftime.

Typical penalty-kick battles decide games that end in ties.

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