Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Pack-in Video / Broderbund Software

While I like to praise the oft-disparaged geniuses who developed games for Pack-in Video every chance I get, I guess they don't deserve a whole lot of credit for this menu-driven mystery title being a quality product. After all, Broderbund is the company that crafted the original computer-based version and came up with the concept for the game in the first place. Then again, this is a fantastic port, one that'll appeal most to us old folks who chased after crime-lord Carmen and her crowd of crooks back in our junior-high days. New sleuths with no nostalgia for the game should still get a couple of hours of fun out of it, and it probably won't cost more than a fiver to acquire. It's too bad that Where in Time wasn't brought over to the PCE as well.

Stay hot on the trail of ever-on-the-move criminals by garnering information about their exploits in the cities you tour...

...and learn about the histories, geographies, and economies of said cities while you're at it.

It usually isn't difficult to figure out where to go next, but even though this is an easy game, it isn't a dull one...

...thanks in part to the funny animated bits that play out when you're on the right path.

The places you visit look pretty nice, and the appealing imagery is accompanied by appropriate location-exclusive tunes.

Lock up Carmen's cronies one by one, and then go after the ringleader herself.

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