Monday, April 27, 2009


Birdy Soft / NEC Avenue
Super CD-ROM

What you experience here is more of an "adventure" than the straightforward sequence of confrontations in CAL II. Rather than simply walking a path and meeting up with girls in ridiculous situations, you tour a variety of places and, well, just keep on picking from the available options. Unlike its predecessor, CAL III isn't littered with choices that lead to undesirable conclusions. In fact, it wasn't until very late in the adventure that, upon answering a sphinx's questions incorrectly, I finally suffered a Game Over. There may be others (a battle with a goofy Hydra being one potential spot of doom), but I've never encountered them.

There's seldom any reason for caution when making your selections, as the chances of blundering into a Game Over are so low. It's nice not having to endure the frustration of replaying segments just to reach a decisive question again, but now there's even less reason to pay attention to what's actually going on. But then, there just isn't much going on in this game anyway.

You'll run into a wide variety of characters, from scheming deities to Alice (in Wonderland), but very little happens aside from lengthy discourse, most of which takes place as you look at boring, redundant desert backdrops.

Occasionally, something genuinely funny happens, but for most of the adventure, I have to struggle just to stay awake. CAL III is incredibly short and quite uneventful, and contrary to what many players likely would expect, it doesn't present much "erotic" material at all.

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