Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chiki Chiki Boys

NEC Avenue / Capcom
Super CD-ROM

Chiki makes for some good, clean platforming fun, but it's the sort of CD game that seems like it could've just as easily been done on HuCard. It plays kind of like a linear, simplistic Dynastic Hero, and it's ridiculously easy (to the extent that it makes breezy Schbibin Man 3 seem as brutally difficult as Gaiares). I completed it on my very first try and never actually felt threatened at any point. There are some good ideas here as far as level and enemy designs go (you'll travel through cloudy combat zones via sliding rope hooks, face Deep Blue-esque shoals of hard-charging sea creatures, bash through brittle doors of sunken-ship cabins, and rush from a crumbling tower while beasts plummet to their doom all around you), but I breezed through the game so quickly and effortlessly that I didn't really come to appreciate any of them, and I wasn't eager to do a repeat run afterwards. The good news? The music during the end credits is very nice.

Chiki features stages that are quite bright and colorful, and it gives you some interesting locations to explore.

There's a good bit of variety in the gameplay, as some stages have you fly or swim instead of doing the usual dash-and-leap stuff.

Some of the bosses are neat in concept, but they're all feeble in battle. The entire adventure comprises a single path of little resistance.

You'll often find that your enemies don't even seem to be paying any attention to you.

On the off chance that they do spot you, remember that they're more scared of you than you are of them.

I just had to prove to myself that it is indeed possible to get hit.

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