Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Genji Tsushin Agedama


Genji is an interesting, enjoyable forced-scrolling platform game. The weaponry at the hero's disposal constitutes the highlight of the affair: Agedama can attack his adversaries with fireballs; tornadoes; wave beams; musclebound genies; lightning bolts; and the SUPER SKULL OF DEATH, which causes the action to stop as the play area quakes and flashes (perhaps reminding one of the full-power-blow effects in The Legendary Axe).

Our multi-skilled protagonist can also perform a quick little somersault, which has the dual advantage of hurting his enemies while rendering him momentarily invincible (like how "slides" work in quite a few other action games). Boss fights are fun, although I eventually figured out how to use the somersault to cheese my way through most of them.

The soundtrack, which was produced by T's Music, seemed a bit primitive at first, but the melodies grew on me before long. The graphics are bright and colorful, with pretty skies, seas, and waterfalls enhancing the usual "grassy" levels, and even the deserts and caves are anything but bland.

The game isn't as fast paced as New Adventure Island, and its stages aren't as cleverly designed as NAI's. It's painfully short, clocking in at a mere six levels while similar games like NAI, J.J. & Jeff, and Monster Lair offer lots more. And the forced scrolling is dropped midway through the fifth strip, making later-stage play feel rather methodical until one reaches a sweet boss gauntlet (which features a warship, the previous bosses, a wizard guy, a bunch of cannons, and a two-form final foe).

For some reason, Genji always seems to be priced at either a reasonable ten bucks or a bloated thirty-plus. If you spot an inexpensive copy, I recommend buying it, as the adventure is fun (if fleeting) stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Underapreciated game. Fun to just pick up and play, colorful visuals that fit the games feel.


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