Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yawara 2

~ YAWARA! 2 ~
SOFIX / Hudson Soft
Super CD-ROM

Yawara and the stumblebum journalist who starred in the first game are relegated to supporting roles here, which is fine by me, as I didn't like them much to begin with. But taking their place at the forefront is an awkward, ungainly moron who's less appealing than, well, just about every other character who has ever been granted a starring role in a video game.

She and a bunch of other klutzes train under an old, irascible coach and then participate in a series of boring, predictable judo matches.

There's plenty of whining, crying, and dull conversing to endure. There's also some "humor," most of which involves large people falling on small people.

Hilarious! Almost as funny as the below-average graphics and poor chip music (I should note that the vocal numbers actually aren't too bad).

The digital comic isn't the only "attraction" here, though. Among the extras are a judo mini-game; a quiz mode; a cooking lesson; and unlockable options that allow you to listen to the game's tunes and partake in othello matches, among other things.

Unfortunately, the "added bonuses" don't suffice to make the game worth a look.

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