Tuesday, May 5, 2009


~ CAL II ~
Birdy Soft / NEC Avenue
Super CD-ROM

The CAL II "adventure" comprises a string of scenes depicting fairly cute (if strange) anime girls in weird (but rarely thrilling) situations. That may not sound all that bad, but be warned that this is one of those comics that actually have Game Overs, and you can be plugging away at a particular scene for a good ten minutes before abruptly hitting a wall and being forced to start the sequence anew. Interestingly, the soundtrack features work by Tenpei Sato (of Emerald Dragon fame) and theme music by T's, but it has little impact for the most part. The most "memorable" tune might well be the poor end-credits song.

Try not to get lost while exploring CAL II's vast overworld.

You'll encounter many mythological/fictional characters during your travels. The green-haired dope is supposed to be Poseidon, while the chick is a rather undead-looking representation of Shakespeare's Juliet.

Most of your time will be spent getting to know strange females and either lending them a hand...

...or fending for your life.

The minotaur is pretty lame, but only by first touching a woman's breast can you hope to defeat him.

Just keep saying "NO" during the final "challenge."

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