Monday, June 22, 2009

KiKi KaiKai


KiKi is an intense little overhead-view shooter somewhat reminiscent of Last Alert in its "free roaming" style. It's the type of game you'll gradually feel yourself getting more and more awesome at as you put in practice. The later levels are quite challenging, as they present you with lots of projectiles and small, quick enemies to worry about in tight spaces.

The boss fights are also fairly difficult. It feels great to figure out effective methods for getting through them.

Repetition is definitely an issue here. The levels all look alike aside from a bridge here and a graveyard there. The same few enemies show up over and over again (though they do get more aggressive as the adventure goes on). And a single stage song is used repeatedly. It's an awesome tune, to be sure, but at some point, enough gets to be enough.

The repetition doesn't bug me, as I appreciate the action, the boss fights, the cartoony-Japan setting, and the rewards reaped from putting in practice. That is not to say that you should spend forty dollars on the game, but if you can find it cheap, snatch it up and enjoy.

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