Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Power Golf

Hudson Soft / NEC

I don't like golf at all, but I've enjoyed a couple of golf video games. My friends and I spent quite a bit of time with PGA Tour for the PC way back in the day, and I love Fine Shot Golf (one of the three games that Human Sports Festival comprises). So I was perfectly open to the possibility of liking this title, but it just didn't happen. "Stroke Play" landed me in golfing doldrums, with one boring tune to listen to and one course consisting of holes either facile or inane in design; and practically nothing is offered as far as alternative modes and tournaments go. Variety is clearly lacking, as is personality. The true video-golf enthusiast will probably be satisfied with the basic gameplay and revel in club selection and experimentation, but I'm left thinking this chip could've used a nice RPG mode.

You don't get many play modes to try, but you do get to pick from three available golfers. Leaving out the fellow with the red bucket-hat would've been akin to dropping Guy from Final Fight. Luckily, the TurboGrafx-16 is mightier than the SNES.

The swinging system is standard stuff, but some of the hole designs are not, including this "fourteen bridges to the pole" nonsense.

Birdies elicit fist pumping. Holes in one earn you large letters that soar onto the screen and thrillingly spell out "HOLE IN ONE."

That about does it, thank goodness. Check out your stats at the end of the day.

The "gorgeous" ending screen doesn't exactly make the whole affair worthwhile... but it does make for a fine example of palette swapping at its most pointless.

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