Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cosmic Fantasy Visual Collection

Laser Soft / Telenet

This is a straightforward, no-frills compilation disc that allows you to watch cinemas from Cosmic Fantasy games. It would actually be a really nice collectible for CF fans if not for the fact that it features interludes from only the first two titles.

If you want to watch cinemas from episodes 3, 4-1, and 4-2 via PCE CD, your only recourse is to purchase the respective games. I'm sure Telenet planned to release another installment featuring scenes from subsequent chapters; but, of course, they never did.

Nonetheless, there actually is one good reason to acquire this disc: It contains a redone Rim shower scene.

Yes, the mist that shrouded Rim's glorious flesh in CF2 has been done away with. Since you and I both know you're curious, here's a comparison, with the game version on the left and the brilliant Visual Collection masterportrait on the right:

Other than that, there is little fresh art to be found on the disc, and none of it is really worth getting excited about.

Not that there's anything wrong with the CF and CF2 cinemas as they were originally drawn and sequenced--quite the contrary.

But while a complete CF-cinema compilation would've been something spectacular for fans (especially if it had included a decent amount of original art), this disc is pretty much purposeless. It's something that CF aficionados will want to own just for the hell of it--I, for one, know I couldn't have considered my Cosmic Fantasy adventures complete prior to beholding the true glory of shower-time Rim. And at least this disc is a lot easier to find (not to mention cheaper) than the Valis Visual Collection (which is also incomplete, as it features cinemas from the second, third, and fourth Valis episodes, but not the first).

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