Friday, August 21, 2009

Spin Pair

Media Rings

Media Rings developed two incredibly interesting PC Engine sleeper titles in Spiral Wave and Zero4 Champ II, so I'm always eager to give their products a try, even when it comes to a dull-looking well-puzzler like Spin Pair. For the first few minutes of play, I was completely baffled as to what I was supposed to be doing; but once I got things figured out, I found SP to be a pretty enjoyable game, even though it lacks the personality and excitement of the genre's premier representatives.

The way to keep your well clean is to drop a particular "block" onto another of the same variety. The catch is that the two icons in question have to be shaded in contrasting fashions. The purple spades about to connect in the screen above meet the criteria.

The objects actually represent captives of the evil "Black Wizerd." Once a successful connection is made, the prisoners involved regain their freedom. In this case, a bunch of grapes found themselves liberated.

Travel from stage to stage restoring color to the Wizerd-besieged kingdom.

After you rescue the fruit folk, you'll aid the birds and animals and robots and aquatic creatures of the land...

...and then knock broomsticks with the diabolical Wizerd.

Once the Wizerd has been thumped, take off and enjoy your victory.

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