Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cosmic Fantasy 4 Chapter 2

Super CD-ROM

CF4C2 plays a lot like the chapter that precedes it. Its battle system is more refined, however, and it asks that you utilize more strategy when equipping your characters. And that's where the comparison will end, as there simply is no comparison between the atrocious Chapter 1 and this very good followup. CF4C2 redeems the series.

It can easily be viewed as a direct sequel to Cosmic Fantasy 2, as it focuses on Van and Rim and a few of their old pals. You'll visit plenty of familiar places and encounter friends and foes of yore as Van deals with everything that happened to him in CF2 while trying to fight the good fight against a new threat. The story is a very emotional one, and it's told via plenty of excellent cinemas.

It doesn't get bogged down in emotions, though; unlike Chapter 1, this game retains the hilarity that made previous Cosmic Fantasy episodes so charming.

Outside of the cinematic sequences, CF4C2 succeeds thanks to enormous dungeons that are chock-full of secret passages and treasure chests. These labyrinths were designed extremely well and aren't plagued by the nonsense that made the mazes in Chapter 1 so tedious. I must administer a warning, however: the first third or so of the adventure is composed of a series of simple fetch quests. Get past that early stretch and you'll start experiencing the awesome cinemas and dungeons I've been lauding.

If you like Cosmic Fantasy 2's story and characters, you'd do well to pick up this fantastic game. Hell, skip CF4 Chapter 1. But get this.

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