Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mami Inoue

Hudson Soft / SOFIX / Red
Super CD-ROM

Do yourself a favor and check out my disgruntled cousin Zigfriedhopov's Mami Inoue review, even if you're not the slightest bit interested in the title (and I don't suppose that anyone is), as the piece is quite good and very funny. I don't really have anything to add to what my thorough kinsman says about the game except that I find it to be so bad and so dumb that it actually ends up being pretty damn funny; and the "point and laugh" moments just keep on coming, as it moves along a lot more quickly than many of the other bad comic-style games for the Duo.

As perceptive Zigfriedhopov observed, there is an ever-so-slight difference between how Mami is presented and how all the other characters are.

Crudely sketched or not, the shades-wearing "coach" and the time-machine-eating dinosaur are impact characters who will never be forgotten.

Your destinations are presented in refined full-screen portraits.

Sometimes the two amazing art styles are melded seamlessly, as in this riveting scene.

Should neither style do much for you, there's some brilliant extra artwork to check out.

The plot is quite the exciting up-and-down ride. Scenes of brutal violence are followed by uproarious antics.

But yeah, to be serious for a moment, if you absolutely must have one of these "teen idol" titles, walk away from this crap and go for Kagami no Kuni no Legend instead, as it's actually a pretty good game.

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