Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Power Drift

Sega / Asmik

I should mention a couple of things right away. I've never played the arcade version of Power Drift that this port is so often said to be inferior to (and I'm not inclined to doubt those reports). And while my lunatic-level strength and perseverance while playing PCE games is already legendary, it bears mentioning here, as I am quite sure that most people will turn this game off after a mere half-minute of revulsion. So remember as you read that this reviewer, who stuck with HuCard Power Drift through all its hiccups, has the heart of a true Turbo champion... and the psyche of a madman.

Now that that's out of the way, I can present my take on this racer with true peace of mind: I find it to be both interesting and amusing. Oh, the graphics are horribly, horribly choppy, and the controls are anything but ideal. But I still have fun playing PD thanks to the antics of its comic-bookish cast and the fact that it remains well within the realm of reason with its level of difficulty despite its numerous flaws. In fact, while playing it, I occasionally find myself in a zone where the gameplay somehow feels smooth as everything choppily zooms by--which is fortunate, as it's absolutely necessary to be "in the zone" when taking on the most difficult rounds.

Select a driver from this motley bunch. I go with "Storoganoph." Name seems Russian to me. Dude looks Russian, too.

It's important to get off to a good start and break away from the crowd quickly. Playing catchup can prove extremely difficult.

With nice-enough scenery and huge vehicles, the graphics really aren't that bad... when they're viewed in stills, at least.

Be a cocky SOB and taunt the rest of the field when you move out in front.

Wild jumps are the most fun.

Be careful when driving through sections that don't provide any sort of side railing; it's easy to fall off the edges, especially while making sharp turns.

You can also run into trouble the old-fashioned way: by crashing.

Claim first place in every race and you'll gain access to an extra stage in which you'll pilot the After Burner craft.

Success earns you accolades from the game itself.

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