Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tanjou: Debut

NEC Avenue / HEADROOM / Tenky
Super CD-ROM

Debut's language barrier is harsh--not as difficult to circumvent as Princess Maker II's, but far more troublesome than Tokimeki Memorial's, which is about where I draw the line denoting the limits of practical accessibility. You must manage a group of teenage songstresses, sorting out their weekly schedules as they strive to achieve stardom. I did a poor job: two of my girls were constantly angry, sick, or sad, and one decided that becoming a nun was preferable to dealing with me any longer.

The would-be icons participate in quiz games, swimming races, photo shoots, and dance contests. None of this is all that funny or entertaining or endearing, and interaction is always at a very low level.

Obviously, you should stay away from this game if you don't know Japanese, but even if you do, you might still want to avoid it. The presentation is lackluster, the in-game music is mostly boring, and even the vocal numbers fail to impress.

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