Friday, January 22, 2010

City Hunter


City Hunter is an enjoyable action/exploration game, but it certainly isn't perfect. It's way too short at a mere four levels, and it charges you with what are essentially the same tasks in every mission (find a key and an ID card). It ends very abruptly (sans even a true final boss) and does little to challenge you as you endeavor to reach the disappointing "climax." The enemy cast lacks variety, the environments are simple and dull in appearance, and the animation is quite poor.

But it's still fun to explore the many chambers and corridors within each stage, as you sometimes end up in interesting situations...

...which occasionally involve SEXY GALs (as they're dubbed by the end credits).

The music is good, as one would expect from a Sunsoft PCE title. You don't get many weapons to play with, but the guns that are present serve just fine for the short adventure, and you do have to do a fair amount of strategic switching up. And while they are somewhat small and don't look all that great here, minotaurs and saber-toothed tigers and the like make for cool creatures to fight.

Some sellers try to make good money off City Hunter, but it's really not hard to acquire for just a few bucks. At a low cost, it's worth picking up. And while there are some mid-stage conversations to click through, you certainly don't need to know Japanese in order to complete and enjoy the game.

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