Friday, February 26, 2010


Super CD-ROM

Cardangels has you take on a troop of anime girls in four different card games: blackjack, poker, speed, and babanuki.

Blackjack and poker are... well, blackjack and poker, with no real surprises held therein (except for the fact that the computer makes some extraordinarily dopey decisions in blackjack). Speed can be the most enjoyable of the four, as it actually allows you to stay active instead of having you sit there staring at a hand, but it can also be frustrating: you'll have to fiddle around with the I, II, and Run buttons just to plop your cards onto the correct piles, while your adversaries can toss their own cards out incredibly quickly; and once the computer gets on a roll, there's pretty much no stopping it. An unfair round of speed is still preferable to any sort of experience with babanuki, however, as the latter has you and your opponent blindly, tediously picking cards from each other's hand, with both sides simply hoping to avoid the joker.

Once you've defeated a given girl... SURPRISE! She undresses for you!

I bet you didn't see that coming.

As predictably perverted as Cardangels is, it's still a high-quality product. Its artwork is nice, its music is listenable, and it offers up forty-five girls to play against, meaning you probably won't finish it off all that quickly. I must mention that while you earn points for your wins, you never actually make any bets, so the "thrill" that comes with placing a huge wager in most casino-type games is nowhere to be found here. That's all right with me, though: girls over gambling anytime, I say.

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