Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Faussete Amour

Naxat Soft / AiM
Super CD-ROM

This colorful action-platformer reminds me of Super Castlevania IV (with its multidirectional attack system and "hook-and-swing" gameplay sequences) and Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (with its "take a hit, lose your armor" damage system). Now, SC4 and SGNG are certainly the best SNES games ever made--yet Faussete Amour outdoes them both. FA has no unnecessary spinning rooms and no adventure-halting slowdown, and its stripped-when-hit star is a cute girl rather than a hairy fellow. So, with this one game, the PC Engine officially defeated the entire SNES library.

Seriously though, I enjoy Faussete a heck of a lot more than I thought I would upon reading the many lukewarm (at best) reviews of it. Yes, the heroine (a lass named Corque) walks quite slowly, and the first three levels move along at a rather lackadaisical pace. But things really start to pick up during Scene 4, which presents some extremely tricky platforming gauntlets to navigate. And the last few stages drive the slow walking element completely out of mind by constantly having the player utilize Corque's chain-and-blade weaponry for hacking, swinging, spinning, and bounding.

The graphics are bright and appealing from beginning to end...

...the bosses are monstrous and memorable...

...the cinematics are abundant and nicely done...

...and the music is, er... interesting. Really, it's very different from anything you'd expect to hear in this sort of game... and I like it! I know that some folks will HATE it, though.

Some folks might also find themselves under the impression early on that FA will be easy. Indeed, it is very easy... for a while. Its later levels, however, feature a number of tricky spots and wily creatures. The two bosses at the very end are particularly tough and sure to give players fits.

Aside from its pacing issues (which most people will view as negligible by journey's end), Faussete Amour is a very cool platformer, one that action-game fans should pick up if they can do so at a reasonable price.

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Anonymous said...

I love this game and I'm happy to see you gave it a good review. As for one finding this for a reasonable price, I think that's impossible. The two on ebay right now are going for $120-$170. But, regardless, it is a good game for collectors and an enjoyable game to play. Just don't expect to ever find a good deal on a legit copy of it.

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