Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mahjong Sword: Princess Quest Gaiden

Naxat Soft / Tomboy
Super CD-ROM / Arcade CD-ROM

When I finally decided to learn how to play mahjong, I felt as if a whole new wing of the PC Engine library had become accessible to me. My initial choices were limited, though, as Mahjong Sword was the only mahjong title I owned at the time. I'd bought it mainly for its cool art and perceived rarity, but never being one to let a PCE game go unplayed, I decided to go ahead and learn the ins and outs of mahjong itself. The going was a little tough at first while I was still picking up on the mahjong basics, but before long, I was tearing right through my opponents...

...and tearing right through their clothing as well.

Yep, this is an "adult-targeted" game featuring scantily "armored," mahjong-proficient warrior-women.

The victor in a match utilizes her mighty weapons/powers/creature-buddies to unleash a massive attack on the poor loser. Of course, said loser's clothing suffers all the damage, ultimately leaving the whimpering anime girl in a near-nude state. Don't get too excited though, fellows: Mahjong Sword is not a very naughty or revealing game, and even a mild affair like Dragon Knight II shows a little more than what you'll get here.

But hey, it was enough of a hook for me, though the fun of the mahjong itself is what was really keeping me up super-late at night. The quest elements helped a bit too. You encounter the mahjong amazons as you jaunt about a small world map. Money is earned with each victory and can be spent on items for use mid-match.

The match gameplay is simply good, fast-paced, thrilling mahjong action and gave me nothing to gripe about. The song that plays during the end credits is very nice, and the girls themselves are certainly quite all right.

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