Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tsuru Teruhito no Jissen Kabushiki Bai Game

~ TSURU [...] GAME ~

Let's call it "Tsuru."

You won't find many other PCE games like Tsuru, as its "action" consists of buying and selling stocks. Analyze market trends, acquire the right shares at the right times, and get out while the going's good.

Given its premise and the fact that it immediately bombards the player with Japanese text, Tsuru might seem inaccessible to a lot of people at first. It's actually quite easy to figure out, though, as it just doesn't give you all that many options, and you won't need knowledge of Japanese to observe the rise and fall of your capital and tell the positive "jingles" apart from the negative ones.

As far as incentive goes, well, you do get new girls to make phone calls for you as you ascend through the business world.

Obviously, not many folks are going to be interested in Tsuru. I don't hate the game at all, but I don't exactly think it's incredible either. I clicked my way through it and found that there is little reward to reap from it.

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