Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jack Nicklaus' Turbo Golf CD


Accolade opted not to forsake the Jack Nicklaus HuCard's play system while designing the CD version of the game. Their decision sat well with me: Turbo Golf is a mechanically sound title on either medium. Unfortunately, they also stood pat with the revoltingly crude visual style "boasted" by the TurboChip...

...and elected to continue making players sit through slow, stupid course redrawings in between shots.

Thankfully, JNCD does not retain the card's in-game silence; in fact, it allows you to select from three different tunes during play, and surprisingly enough, all three are pretty good. You'll enjoy listening to them as you tour the disc's five different courses (the mute TurboChip offers but one).

Other additions come off as obligatory CD-version tack-ons. The opening cinema is a three-screen throwaway, and Jack's advice being read aloud isn't much of a "special feature."

If you consider the HuCard Jack Nicklaus a decent title (as I do), you'll probably want to upgrade to this version for the music and the extra courses. If you're just looking for a quality golf game for your Turbo, well, Fine Shot Golf on Human Sports Festival is far superior to this title. Should you crave more than a single representation of the sport, give Turbo Golf CD a try.

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