Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jantei Monogatari

Renovation / Telenet / Atlus

In Jantei Monogatari you play a "cool" detective guy whom a truly cool detective guy like J.B. Harold would probably kick the living crap out of. It's up to you to solve a kidnapping case. Of course, the only people who can help you are girls...

...and of course, they won't tell you what they know until you've beaten them at mahjong.

Once you prove yourself superior at tile management, the girls' senses of dignity will be forever lost, so they'll spill their guts freely.

It's an incredible journey that features three things most dudes love to find in video games:




Actually, it's pretty horrible. The mahjong screen is as dull as can be; and with a lot of hands, losing seems unavoidable. The premise is ridiculous, the story is goofy and uninteresting and keeps getting worse as it goes along, and many of the girls are quite strange looking (and yes, this matters--if a mahjong game features a mostly female cast as one of its main drawing points, the females should not be awkwardly drawn abominations). Better things were yet to come for this series, but this first chapter is a dud.

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m1savage said...

I don't hate it, but the other Jantei Monogatari games for the PC Engine are so much better. Other than the motorcycles, this one just doesn't have anything special to set it apart. It just needs more... ZAZZ!

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