Friday, March 5, 2010

Mahjong on the Beach

NEC Avenue / Home Data
Super CD-ROM

Mahjong on the Beach doesn't just plop you right down on a beach somewhere. You have to explore a vast metropolis and earn the right to set foot on this game's sandy shore.

In fact, even many of the urban locations are initially off limits. You must purchase certain items to gain access to the forbidden grounds.

You can acquire money for these items by confronting the girls that are strutting around town...

...and giving them a good looking over...

...and beating them at mahjong.

Once you make it to the beach, you have to chase down the town's most "super-desirable" chick. Beat her at mahjong and maybe, just maybe, your character can finally score.


It's a short, simple quest, which is probably a good thing, as you'll undoubtedly grow tired of encountering the same girls over and over again (even though there are quite a few of them), and this title doesn't have the sort of extreme hook that some other PC Engine mahjong games do. There are no crazy combat scenes, no over-the-top naughtiness, no absurdly wacky spectacles.

Then again, that simplicity might make the game exactly what some players are looking for. Mahjong on the Beach feels very laid back, like, uh, a carefree stroll on the beach. Even the music is relaxing. And if you're simply looking to bide a little time and enjoy a little mahjong action, this largely inoffensive title might be just the thing for you.

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