Monday, March 29, 2010

Power Golf 2: Golfer

Hudson Soft
Super CD-ROM

This is definitely a step up in quality from the original Power Golf, thank goodness. PG2 plays better than its predecessor and boasts superior course design.

It's more sophisticated in general, presenting much more in the way of course and play-mode selection.

There are some negatives to note, though: the action plays out slowly, as the game likes to switch views of the ball three or four times during long shots (and with each switch comes a slight delay)...

...and the CD unit's capabilities are largely wasted on horribly grainy "videos" and useless digitized pictures.

I prefer Fine Shot Golf (which can be found on the Human Sports Festival disc), as it's livelier, faster, and more fun overall. Still, golf fans and people who actually enjoy the first PG will probably be happy with this.

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