Friday, March 26, 2010

Super CD-ROM Taiken Soft Shuu

Hudson Soft / Red / Falcom
Super CD-ROM

Duomazov friends and fans have been clamoring for us to cover this one for quite a while now, so here goes. This is essentially a two-demo product that allows you to "try out" Tengai Makyou II: Manji Maru and Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes.

We already have reviews posted for the full versions of the two titles, so I'm not gonna BS around with positives and negatives and all that as far as the games themselves go. But I will fill you in on how much "game" you can expect here.

Don't expect much from the Manji Maru sample. Visit a town, visit a cave, do a little grinding, and beat up a boss... it all amounts to a thirty-minute glimpse of a fifty-hour epic, and it isn't really a good indication of what the adventure has to offer, though the one boss fight will probably come off as being pretty darn cool.

You get a more substantive slice of LoH here, a full chapter of the six-chapter journey, which means a little over an hour of a quest that lasts for ten. You can visit a number of villages and even put together a full four-member party before the demo closes its doors and demands you check out the real game for more.

Speaking of the real games, since the full versions of Manji Maru and the Japanese Legend of Heroes can each be had for the five bucks or so it would cost to acquire this disc, well, who needs the demos anyway? This isn't some sort of elusive rarity either, and it boasts zero enticing "extras," making it an unnecessary item for all but the most devout PCE collectors.

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