Thursday, May 27, 2010

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna 2

Red / Hudson Soft
Super CD-ROM

Yuna 2 makes people think it's going to be better than its excellent predecessor by starting off with a lengthy and very well-done opening cinema. Actually, the game is pretty good graphically throughout; but in most ways, it tumbles after its fast start. The soundtrack fails to follow the lead of the quality artwork, as it counts but one nice tune amid many unmemorable jingles. More importantly, the story isn't nearly as entertaining as the first GFY's, and it gives you far fewer choices to make, so the experience seems very low on interactivity. Simply put, while it looks nice, Yuna 2 is a very boring game.

It's anything but boring initially, however. The opening presents an awesome space clash that makes Force of Arms seem like a pistol fight, and during the first few moments of actual play, Yuna is called out by the Clubber Lang of the idol world.

Then, Yuna stumbles upon a new best friend. The comic goes straight to hell from there... it focuses on the two of them doing stupid things and occasionally playing awful mini-games.

Y2's fights are nowhere near as cool as the ones in the first game. The "pick a card" battle system is somewhat interesting but ultimately annoying, as combat often comes down to chance and can be very time consuming.

The story steps things up a bit towards the end and features a pretty cool giant mecha showdown, but the grand finale won't make anyone forget the long stretches of boredom endured prior to that point.

Had Red made the middle section of the adventure a little more exciting and the battles a little less time consuming, they might've had another excellent comic on their hands. It certainly is sad the way things turned out.

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