Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna HuVideo

Red / Hudson Soft
Super CD-ROM

Those looking to acquire Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (and that should be everyone who does not currently own it) have a choice to make. They can go for the nice, cheap, plain-Jane regular edition, or they can pick up the rerelease, which comes packaged with a HuVideo bonus disc. Those looking to find out what HuVideo actually is won't be given any technical explanations here, as I don't know anything about that stuff, but I'll try to spell things out in layman's terms: take your typical PCE CD cinema, make the animation incredibly smooth (far, far beyond what you've seen in any other release this side of 3x3 Eyes), make the video exceedingly grainy, and shove the result into a relatively small window. HuVideo!

This particular HuVideo episode is about sixty seconds long and details both an outer-space blade fight and an assault on a giant ship.

Yeah, you've pretty much got the gist of it right there. But remember, the "plot" isn't the point here; this is essentially a show-off disc, and you're supposed to sit there and be amazed at what the PCE is actually capable of. And really, as a means to that end, the little animated "film" gets the job done. Of course, you can also witness HuVideo during Gulliver Boy's intermissions (and Gulliver Boy is worth playing anyway).

But a minute of video isn't all that the Yuna bonus disc has to offer. It does present some extra artwork in the form of still sketches.

Considering that there aren't many other ways to catch a little HuVideo and that the rerelease costs only a few bucks more than the original nowadays, you might as well pick up this edition if you're going to purchase the game at all.

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