Monday, May 24, 2010

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna

Red / Hudson Soft
Super CD-ROM

Cobra II is my favorite PCE digital comic, but I'd long considered Ranma 1/2 2 the best, "objectively speaking." Then Galaxy Fraulein Yuna came storming along from out of nowhere and laid claim to that position. There's so much in it to rave about...

...and we must start with the cute and very likable heroine. Yuna's a goofball, for sure, but never let it be said that she lacks heart. She amuses with her antics and impresses with her fortitude.

The silly but lovable idol stars in an entertaining story that features lots of funny moments and moves along at a very fast pace. There's plenty of voice acting, but the characters keep their lines brief--no long, dull conversations here.

GFY's graphics are great, especially during the high-quality cinematic intermissions. The soundtrack, which features multiple vocal tracks along with work by T's Music, is also very good.

Anime combatants don their power armor and make use of laser swords, missiles, and the like during the game's turn-based battle scenes.

Yuna seems harmless, but she's quite capable of thrashing any fool who gets in her way.

The game is so good that a hero from another Turbo series decided to get in on the fun. I thought I was going nuts when I heard Bomberman music start playing; but then, lo and behold, a crew of little bombers came dashing out to judge a swimsuit competition.

GFY's a must if you're into digital comics, and it's cheap enough to take a chance on (not to mention easy enough to get through) if you have little or no experience with the genre.

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