Sunday, July 18, 2010

F1 Circus '91

~ F1 CIRCUS '91 ~

Give it a few seconds and F1 '91 will seem quite poised to separate itself (superficially, at least) from its primitive predecessor. Slight improvement in the (still-objectionable) graphics and a menu of selectable tunes make for some measure of relief from the aesthetic torture one was subjected to in the original Circus. Unfortunately, proceed through the levels and you'll repeatedly find yourself following all-too-similar-looking paths, one "slim gray road paved through greenery" after another.

"Fancier" interludes will fail to mollify players weary of the visual repetition.

But while almost all of the courses look alike, they're a little more devious in design than the tracks served up by the first Circus. You might even find yourself making use of your brakes this time around.

But if it's a challenge that you're looking for, seek out '92 or Special instead, as this Circus isn't nearly as difficult as the ones that succeeded it. And if you're hunting for a quality racing game, look outside of this series entirely, as '91 plays just as poorly as its madcap brethren.

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