Thursday, September 16, 2010

Power League '93

Hudson Soft

Well, not much has changed since Power League V. '93 even utilizes many of V's tunes. Granted, we're talking good music here, but I wouldn't have minded hearing some good music exclusive to this title. The visuals are largely redundant as well...

...and the old post-game show and scoreboard animations have definitely worn out their welcomes.

One adjustment worth noting is that '93 is tougher than V: base hits aren't nearly as easy to come by here. This tweak is no write-off, but to be honest, I kind of enjoyed racking up stats to fill the league leader board in V. And any player worth his salt will be celebrating a championship before long in '93 anyway.

Not this crap again...

Frankly, the only PL I had less fun with was IV. But I must note that I was unimpressed with this title mainly because it's extremely similar to V, which I'd already played through. Shoot straight to this episode and you'll almost certainly find it to be a great baseball game.

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