Monday, January 3, 2011

Snatcher Pilot Disk

Super CD-ROM

Load up this Snatcher promotional disc and you'll be given five options. Let's cut to the chase and take a look at each of 'em:

You can play through the game's first couple of scenes. Considering you get to view the opening cinematics, become familiar with the menu system, see a bit of gore, partake in a shooting sequence, and listen to some great music, this is one heck of a sample.

There's a long trailer that quickly moves through images from the adventure to the tune of cool musical tracks. A few scenes are displayed with different coloring here than in the actual release. Some might complain that this montage actually shows too much--it contains even more spoilers than your typical Duomazov review! But at this point, I think most people who'll watch this are Snatcher fans who have already played through the game anyway.

Then there's what amounts to a Snatcher encyclopedia. It provides lots of information on everything from the game's plot to the vehicles the characters pilot. The character profiles feature some nice artwork (tip: sometimes it pays to give a profile a second look...).

You can listen to interviews about the making of the game. This is where things get a little goofy, with the digitized photos and all, but I bet this makes for a pretty cool feature for people who can actually understand everything that's being said.

The music mode allows you to listen to three red book tracks. Very cool stuff, but I wish the game's excellent chip numbers were included too.

You'd think an old promotional item like this wouldn't serve much purpose at this point, but this one is fantastic and defies all that conventional wisdom stuff. I'm not the world's biggest Snatcher fan or anything, but I was thrilled with what this disc has to offer, and I imagine that people who are really into the game will love it. I kinda wish there were something like this for every cool game that's out there.

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