Monday, March 7, 2011

Bikini Girls

Excite Software - 1993 - U.S.A.


What a complete and total waste of money, especially considering Bikini Girls retailed for an incomprehensible $150 in 1993. It has come down a bit in price over the years, but not nearly enough. This, folks, should be a $0.99 bargain bin throwaway.

Bikini Girls compiles a total of 217 images seemingly culled from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazines and various swimsuit calendars. Why you'd want to use your game console to look at this sort of thing is beyond me, but apparently someone thought it was a good idea.

A sample of Bikini Girls' "finest."

Excite Software's no-frills approach is evident before you even open the case; a regular full-size jewel case wasn't in the budget, apparently.

It seems a proper graphic utility for the digitizing process wasn't in the budget, either. Some of the images are dithered so badly you can literally barely even make out a human form in the pixelated mess. I know the console's capabilities, and I know for a fact that the Duo is capable of so much more (see C. Covell's High-Res Slideshow).



What the hell?

For anyone considering buying Bikini Girls, don't bother. Rest assured, I've included all the "best" shots right here for your perusal. To put a $150 price tag on a product so poor is not only highway robbery, it's insulting.

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