Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Local Girls of Hawaii

Excite Software - 1993 - U.S.A.


Excite Software's unexciting "girl" series continues in The Local Girls of Hawaii with yet another underwhelming entry.

Like the others, Local Girls offers a collection of images of various scantily clad girls, 58 in total. Also like the others, Local Girls offers nothing in the way of features. No audio, not even a simple slideshow mode to cycle through the images automatically is anywhere to be found.

Unlike the others, a good number of the girls here are shown topless. Also unlike the others, many of the images are downright ludicrous with fish and other tropical wildlife superimposed over the photos.

I'm not even sure what to say.

While the poor dithering never reaches the laughable lows of Bikini Girls, the image quality on many is still pretty lackluster.

Whereas Bikini Girls originally retailed for $150, Local Girls is a "bargain" at only $90 (price difference probably having something to do with the difference in total number of images). It boggles my mind that these discs fetch anything over $1 today, they certainly aren't worth it.

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