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Basted Strategy Guide


Welcome to my Basted strategy guide. There isn't much to do in this game, but the cinemas are nice. Have fun!


Hold down button II while moving your characters with the d-pad in order to make them dash.

Press button I to bring up the main menu.

The main menu presents you with only two options. The first is basically an all-purpose action command: it lets you search, hit switches, open treasure chests, etc. The second is Save.

You can talk to people simply by walking up to them.


At the beginning of most battles, you'll be asked to select which character you'd like to use (Ryeza or Anita). The one you don't choose will sit out the fight entirely.

Press button II to attack.

Hold down button II to fill your Charge meter, and release it to unleash a charge attack.

Press button I to jump (if you're using Ryeza).

Quickly press twice in one direction on the d-pad in order to dash in that direction.

You can pull off many different kinds of attacks depending on how full your Power gauge is (it automatically refills between attacks) and how full your Charge meter is. But the bottom line is that you can get through most battles very easily by keeping your distance from your opponents until your Charge meter is completely full and then releasing your mightiest charge attacks. Each character has two such techniques: Ryeza can perform Sword Dancer and Dragon Blast, while Anita can pull off Lightning Bolt and Shining Cutter.

I use Ryeza whenever possible. I like having the ability to jump, and her charge techniques are quite mighty, particularly Sword Dancer. However, Anita's talents are more than adequate considering the meekness of the opposition.

Don't worry if you take some damage during a fight. You'll be granted full health at the beginning of each new battle.


~ Meeting Kain

This first area allows you to get used to combat. You'll be attacked by kobolds and ochre jellies as you wander around. Practice a bit with both characters so you become comfortable with the feel of combat and the different techniques available to you.

You can head N or W at the start. Head N. You basically need to follow the path: keep going N, then head W a bit, then S, then W. You'll spot someone standing near a cave entrance. Ryeza and Anita will have a brief conversation at this point. You can't reach the guy yet, but there's another cave entrance to the N. Enter it and go through the cave. Now you'll be able to approach the fellow.


Following the cinema, Ryeza will have to fight the mystery guy (whose name is Kain, by the way). Keep your distance from him and use your charge techniques.


Head N. Eventually you'll see a flower at the left side of the screen. Inspect it. Then continue N to the town gates. Enter the town.


~ The Valley of the Shadow

Your main goal for now is quite simple: talk to everyone in the town. However, there are quite a few other things you can also do.

~ The Bar and its Fearless Guardian

Head N to the second area of town. To the E is the bar (there's a sign next to the door that says BAR). Attempt to enter it. The bouncer will try to stop you. Fight and defeat him. You can now enter the fine establishment.

There's a girl in the bar who's a little hard to find. Head up to the second floor of the building. Proceed N to where some girls are dancing around. You can walk through a hallway to the W that's a bit hard to see (walk to the W just in front of the part that is light green).

You'll then find the girl in question.

~ The Ryeza-Anita Showdown

There's a huge building with a blue roof in the NW part of the second area. There's a horizontal strip of green along the S side of it. Tread on this strip and Ryeza and Anita will automatically begin to have a conversation with each other.

Then they will fight. Use Ryeza and CRUSH your silly pal.

~ The Martial Arts Expert

Go inside the aforementioned huge building. On the lower floor, you'll find the chapel. On the second floor, in the NE room, you'll meet the martial arts expert, Bushido Mifune. Speak with him and say Yes.

Now you'll get to fight him. You can select from five different challenge levels. The only level that might be difficult is the fifth. Keep your distance with Ryeza and use those charge techniques. Jumping can help you avoid his long-range attacks.

When you've beaten all five levels (the order doesn't matter), the martial arts expert will give you a pornographic photograph.

~ The Secret Shack

SW of the aforementioned building is a shack. It appears that your way to this shack is blocked by trees. However, if you take the path heading S and walk up against the trees, you'll find that you can walk through a certain row.

Sadly, the door is locked.

~ The Guards

If you try to exit through the N gate, the guards will push you back. Oh well.

~ The Big Escape

After you've talked with everyone in town, you'll need to go to the first area of town (from the second area). You'll see two people making a mad dash for the S gate. It's Kain! And his friend, Rahani.


Leave town through the S gate. Head S.


After the cinema, you'll have to fight some knights.


Head N back to town.

~ The Strip Show

Talk to the blonde girl just S of the N gate. Go back to the bar. Defeat the bouncer once again. Enter the bar and head up to the second floor. Go through that hard-to-see hallway again and talk to the girl.


~ The Musician

Go to the inn. Head up to the second floor. Talk to the person sitting at a table towards the lower left.

New music plays.

~ The Hidden Key

Go back to the bar. Talk to the guy sitting at a table to the lower right on the first floor.

In the second area of town, approach the building all the way to the NE. Enter through the right doorway. Search the NW-most barrel and you will find a key.

~ Inside the Secret Shack

Head back to the shack. Now you'll be able to unlock the door. Go inside. Search the NE-most barrel to reveal a hidden staircase.

Go down. Head S and into the door.


Rahani will join up with you.

~ Getting Past the Guards

Head back to the bar. The bouncer will run away this time. Talk to the guy sitting at that lower-right table again.

Leave the bar. Talk to the blonde girl just S of the N gate. Say Yes.

Go to the inn. Talk to the guy sitting at the lower-right table on the second floor. He'll run out.

Go to the house N of the sheep pen in the first area of town. Head up to the second floor. Talk to the guy in the N room.

Go back to the bar and talk to the guy at the lower-right table again.

Go to the shop attached to the inn. Talk to the guy at the counter. You'll hear a jingle.

Now the guards will let you pass through the N gate.

~ The Mountain

Head up the E side of the mountain and you'll see some sort of strange plant. Inspect it.

Then head up the W side of the mountain.


Proceed all the way to the NE. Head N to a new area of the mountain. Enter the cave entrance.

Climb all the way down the long ladder. You can't open the door on the left, so proceed through the doorway on the right.

~ Home of the Will-o'-the-Wisps

Head into the structure. Read the note on the counter to the left. Open the chest near the note by passing through the counter from the left. You'll have to fight some golems.

Head W to a new area of the building. Speak to the will-o'-the-wisp in a W room. Use the stairs E of the will-o'-the-wisp.

Skip the first stairs that you see. Speak to the will-o'-the-wisp. Work your way towards the NE room.


Go back a bit and use those stairs you skipped. You'll see two chests to the N. You can reach them by passing through the wall to their left. Open them (the right one won't stay open). Now use the path to the E and enter a new area. Speak to the will-o'-the-wisp, and then go all the way back to the entrance of the structure.

Now head N from the entrance instead of W. In the next area, inspect the note on the counter to your left. Then inspect the door to the NW (you can't open it yet). Use the huge stairway E of the note. Speak to the two will-o'-the-wisps to the N.

Head to the second floor where the last cinema took place. Search the painting on the wall to the NE (near where the cinema happened).

Now you can open that door. Use the stairs beyond the door and you'll end up in a cave.

Go S and then W to an entryway. Head to the N room. Then try to go back S.


You'll have to fight Zirg as Ryeza. When you knock off one of his energy bars, it'll be...


The fight will then resume. He'll have a new fire-dragon attack. Beat him by using the usual tactics (jump, dash, use charge attacks).


Leave the structure and head back to town.


~ Cleaning up Town

Talk to the guy lying on the ground to your left. He'll disappear.

Head to the secret shack. Go downstairs. Ryeza will speak with Kain.


Leave the shack. W of the bar is a knight. Approach and fight him.

Talk to the person with green hair W of the bar. You'll have to fight a hoodlum.

Head to the house N of the sheep pen. In the E room of the first floor, you'll see a girl surrounded by knights. Fight them off.


Head to the NE-most building in the second area. Enter it through the left doorway. Fight some knights.

Go into the house W of that building. Talk to the guy to your right and the girl sprawled on the ground. They'll both disappear. Fight the knight.

Head to the inn. Go up to the second floor and fight another batch of knights.

Fight a knight in front of the home connected to the sheep pen.


Go back to the shack, head downstairs, and enter the room.


Leave town through the N gate.


~ Catastrophe

You'll need to fight Mirium. Sword Dancer works quite well on her.


Bring Rahani back to the shack and put her in bed.

Leave the shack and head NE. You'll see a green-haired girl being confronted by a knight. Approach them.


Talk to the green-haired girl after the cinema.

Head to the bar. The bouncer confronts you but leaves without fighting.

Inside the bar, go upstairs and walk to the left. A guy will talk to you.

Go to the home N of the sheep pen. Head up to the second floor. Talk to the guy in the N room. Another guy will come running in. You'll hear a jingle after all the talking.

Head back to the shack. Talk to Rahani.


~ A New Path

Leave town through the N gate. Go back into the cave at the top of the mountain. Climb down the long ladder. Now you can open the door on the left. Open it and step inside.

Hit the switch to your right to make the spikes go down. Open the chest.

Head to that strange patch of grass on the E side of the mountain. A new path forms. Head E using the new path.

Go S and through the cave, and then continue S. Go all the way S to the very edge. Walk E on an invisible bridge.

Go into the cave.

Skip the first way out of the cave and keep going N. Use the stairs and you'll reach another way out; use this one.

Head N. Go E across the bridge. Anita will blaze a trail through the forest. Continue E. Go into the cave to the N.

Inside the cave, take the E path first and fight the knights. Then take the W path and exit the cave. Head N into the huge castle.


~ The Castle

Go through the fake wall to your left.

Hit the switch on the wall. The big door will open up.

Head all the way N and read the note on the wall. Go E and enter the doorway. Fight the knights.

Exit the room and proceed to the E. Take the stairs up. Head W. You'll see a knight, but he won't fight you. Work your way towards the NE room. This knight will fight you.

Go W. Another knight will fight you.

Follow the path and take the stairs up. In the new area, work your way towards the SE and take the stairway up onto the platform. Head W and you'll see two stairways. Take the lower-left one first. Read the note on the wall. Go back and take the other stairway. Head N and jump into the pit.

Knights will attack you. Crush them.


Now you must fight Kiminy. Dispose of her easily with Sword Dancer.

Head N. You'll be able to go E or W.

Head W and speak to the knight. He won't fight you.

Head E and take the stairs down. Read the note on the wall. Head N to the next room. Step off the right side of the platform onto an invisible path.

Work your way up to the switch in the top-left area. Hit it. A jingle will play.

Head back to the previous room. There are now three staircases that you can take. Take the stairs on the left.

You'll be in a cave area. Take the next stairway up.

You'll be back in a castle area. Enter the doorway to the N. Fight the knights. The girls will talk to you and leave.

Go through the N doorway. Go up the stairs you see.

Head towards the SW and you'll see four staircases. Take the second from the right and read the note on the wall. Go back down the stairs and then go up either of the two left staircases. Head N and talk to the guy. "OH WONDERFUL!"

Go back down. Take the last (right-most) staircase. Head N and read the note on the wall. Knights will attack you.

Go back to the room with three staircases. Take the middle one down.

Head N. You can find a note written by Garcia in one of the cabinets
in this room. From the big blue orb, head E. Continue E and walk through a fake wall.

Then it's...


~ Ryeza vs. Anita--The Rematch

You'll be forced to fight a bewitched Anita. Beat her down again.


~ The Infamous Garcia

Fight Garcia as Ryeza. He's fast, so dash.


~ Kiminy's Revenge

Head to the NW and take the stairway down. Follow the path to the next stairway and use it. Head N, then W, and meet Kiminy again.


Go towards the SW and take the stairs down. Rahani leaves your party. Head back up. Approach Kiminy... and Kain.


Fight Kiminy Act 2 and the summon beast. Another summon beast will appear when the first one dies.


~ The Real Villain

If you head back to the SW room, Rahani will be gone. Step into the teleporter. Head NW and you'll hear a scream. In the NW "room," head N through a fake wall.

Proceed N.


You'll fight Largryme as Anita. After he loses one energy bar...


Head N.


A battle will commence, but you'll lose immediately.


After a little "in-game" event...


Fight Largryme. Get him when his orbs spread out.

Then comes his second form.

Destroy his arms with Sword Dancer as you dodge them and his orbs.

Then destroy his shoulders with Dragon Blast while avoiding his orbs and laser beams.

Finally, kill Largryme himself by using Dragon Blast. Avoid his orbs and the giga beam that he fires from his chest.


Will Ryeza and Kain end up together?

Find out in the epic ending sequence! ;)

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